Council of Presidents
Albanian American Law Student Association

AlbanianStuAssocPresident: Arber Skendaj

Albanian American Law Student Association (AALSA) is an organization reaching out to the Albanian American Community. We strive to connect Albanian American law students with other Albanian American individuals in the legal field. We also strive to create a greater sense of community among Albanian Americans in the Boston area.

American Constitution Society

President: Gordon Kern

The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy (ACS) promotes the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses: individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law. The abiding principles are reflected in the vision of the Constitution’s framers and the wisdom of forward-looking leaders who have shaped our law throughout American history. As a result of their efforts, the Constitution has retained its authority and relevance for each new generation. Please check out our website here.

Asian Pacific American Law Student Association

President: Jiabei Li


APALSA is organized to articulate and promote the academic and professional needs and goals of the Asian Pacific American law students at Suffolk University Law School. The group serves to instill a greater awareness in the Asian Pacific American attorney and law student of the needs of the Asian Pacific American community and encourages the membership to commit resources to respond effectively to those needs. Suffolk University Law School’s APALSA chapter is all inclusive and open to any student regardless of racial or ethnic background.

Black Law Student Association

President: Joevrose Bourdeau

BLSA seeks to articulate and promote the academic and professional needs and goals of all law students at Suffolk University Law School. In addition, BLSA strives to instill awareness in the black attorney and black law student of the needs of the black community and encourages the membership to commit resources to respond effectively to those needs. Suffolk University Law School’s BLSA chapter is open to any student regardless of race.

Business Law Association

Co-President: Melissa Dobstaff

 Co-President: Anna Palka

The Business Law Association seeks to promote awareness and involvement within the field of business law.  The purpose of the association shall be (1) to introduce students to the field of business law, (2) provide educational forums for the law school and community, and (3) encourage networking opportunities with practicing attorneys and business practitioners.

Child and Family Law Student Association

President: Valerie Johnson

Criminal Law Association

President: Renee Rodrigues

Vice-President: Ben Eddington

Mission Statement: We are a student group dedicated to criminal law dialog and the exploration of the various topics and opportunities within the practice of criminal law. Furthermore, CLA seeks to provide speaker events and panels to include academics, experienced criminal law attorneys, elected officials, and judges, and to expand student networking and job opportunities in the field of criminal law.

Christian Fellowship

President: Terence Durkin

The Suffolk Christian Fellowship is a group of law students committed to following Jesus Christ. We spend time in prayer and we study the Bible together on a regular basis. We also explore the joys and the challenges of being a Christian in legal practice. We welcome the entire Suffolk community to join our group, and we especially encourage other Christian students to come and join in the fellowship!

Dicta - The Suffolk Law Paper
Editor-In-Chief: Nicholas Williams

           A school newspaper of the people, by the people, and for the people. Dicta is your source for news, stories and opinions of immediate concern to the Suffolk Law student body. The content we provide is a reflection of the community involvement we all crave but don’t have the time to enjoy. So speak up by reading & contributing to Dicta!
           Dicta is the official student newspaper of the Suffolk Law School community, existing solely to help foster a sense of community through communication. The goal of Dicta is to educate, inform, enlighten, and entertain the student body through outstanding reporting and editorials on news, events, trends, sports, arts, food, and popular culture. The opinions and views expressed in Dicta are not necessarily those of the Dicta staff and are not the opinions of Suffolk University Law School or the student body. Suffolk Law School students control and conduct all facets of this paper. Dicta does not discriminate against any persons and complies with the university policies concerning equality. Dicta encourages students, alumni, faculty, and administrators to submit letters to the editor and articles for publication. Submissions should include the author’s name, class and/or position at the university or in the community. Dicta reserves the right to edit and publish all submissions. Anonymous submissions will not be published.


The Disability Law Advocates

President: Jocelyn Simpson

The Disability Law Advocates was created to be an outlet for the Suffolk Law community to become aware of issues in disability law. We are working closely with the National Association of Law Students with Disabilities (NALSWD) in order to better prepare students for issues regarding accommodations in taking the bar and practicing in the legal field. Please feel free to join us and learn more about the growing field of disability law.

Environmental Law Society

President: Alexander Sneirson

Federal Bar Association

President: Paulette Pagan

Suffolk University Law School Chapter of the Federal Bar Association is an established school organization committed to strengthening the federal legal system and administration of justice by serving the interests and the needs of the law students, federal practitioners, both public and private, the federal judiciary and the public they serve. The Association seeks to educate, inform, and provide services both informational and practical to the whole community at Suffolk University Law School.

Federalist Society

President: Michael Fox

Health and Biomedical Society

President: Stephanie Buff

Hellenic Law Society

President: Zachary Paskalis

Immigration Law Association

President: Patrick Ddiba

ILA recognizes and addresses immigration issues and concerns, hopes to elicit communication within the Suffolk Law and Boston community, and to build a lasting network of immigration advocates. Volunteering and advocacy work is a major focus for ILA.

Intellectual Property Law Student Association

President: Robert Marin

The Intellectual Property Law Student Association sponsors frequent events and programs for those involved or has interest in the intellectual property area.


International Law Society

 President: Kayla Johnson

The International Law Society (ILS) is open to all students interested in public and private international law and seeks to promote, inform, and engage those interested in international careers. The ILS promotes interest and discussionin issues of particular concern to both private and public international law, including student panels, various cultural events, academic speakers, and networking opportunities.

Irish American Law Society

President: Tim Harvey

The Irish American Law Society (hereinafter “IALS”) is an organization dedicated to promoting a forum for social, cultural, and educational activities concerning Irish heritage and tradition. IALS strives for an understanding and recognition of Irish heritage through programs and events, as well as opportunities for employment and internships. In addition, IALS is closely affiliated with the Boston Irish legal community promoting a networking relationship between Suffolk Law students, the bench, the bar, and the community. The IALS also helps Suffolk Law students in any interest they may have in studying abroad in Ireland. This year we are trying to get as many people involved in our events as possible! We have some great events in the works, so we hope everyone can attend! Feel free to message us with any ideas.

Jewish Law Student Association

President: Ariel Peres

Joint Degree Law Student Association

President: Patrick J. Mullaney

The Joint Degree Law Student Association seeks to bridge the gap between the law school and the university, acting as a liaison between Suffolk joint degree students, alumni and Suffolk at large. We strive to help students develop academically and professionally, creating a more efficient exchange of information for law students pursuing or considering a joint degree.


Latin American Law Student Association

 President: Ayerim Decena

LALSA is a student run organization dedicated to providing support to all students at Suffolk Law School. LALSA is committed to increasing a dialogue about and an understanding of the issues that face Latinos in and out of the law.

Legal Innovation and Technology Student Association

President: Anthony Metzler

LITSA focuses on educating students about how technology helps deliver legal services in a more efficient manner. The organization exposes students to emerging legal issues in technology related fields through seminars, workshops, and networking events on topics including but not limited to social media, data privacy, healthcare technology, and smartphone/mobile applications. LITSA’s goal is to provide knowledge and create the opportunities that will help students today meet tomorrow’s demand.

Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys

President: Danielle Brouder

National Italian American Bar Association

 President: Gerry Damiani

We are a group of law students who appreciate and seek to advance Italian American culture within the legal profession.

Native American Law Student Association

 President: Matt Gonnella

Phi Alpha Delta

 President: Rachel Hansesn

Phi Delta Phi

 President: Christopher Herbert

The Queer Law Alliance

 President: Skailer Qvistgaard

South Asian Law Student Association

President: Ayesha Arain

Sports and Entertainment Law Student Association

 President: Michael Kavanagh

Suffolk Law School’s Sports and Entertainment Law Association (SELA) allows students to learn about the various careers in the Sports & Entertainment law field. We host events featuring keynote speakers and panelists who discuss their careers, how to break into the industry, emerging topics in sports & entertainment law, as well as variety of other topics.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund

President: Keith Wetmiller

SALDF is dedicated to providing a forum for education, advocacy, and scholarship aimed at protecting the lives of animals and advancing animal law.

Suffolk Law Veterans Association

 President: Justin Rhuda

It shall be The Association’’s goal to provide support to former, current and future military service personnel and their families for their transitions into and out of the Suffolk University Law School community; share information on veterans’ benefits with its members; promote charitable services for the benefit of military students, veterans and local communities; advance discussion and awareness of military and national security related issues within the law school community; serve as an information resource for the student body on military affairs and Judge Advocate General programs; encourage military service members and veterans to apply for admission and matriculate at Suffolk University Law School; maintain a military service network for the benefit of its members; and foster camaraderie among Suffolk University Law School students of diverse military backgrounds. Please like us on Facebook by clicking on the button below.

Suffolk Law Intramural Basketball Association

President: AJ Rivera

Suffolk Law Futbol Club

President: Hetal Patel

All Things Soccer For Fans & Players.

Suffolk Law Golf Club

President: Adam Camiel

The Suffolk Law Golf Club incorporates strong networking skills, friendly competition, and law school advancement into the game of golf. We help bridge the gap between students, faculty, and alumni as well as bring beginners and advanced golfers together.

Suffolk Law Hockey Club

President: Brian Mellino

Suffolk Law Muslim Students Association

President: Najma Hussain

Suffolk Law Rugby Club

President: Frankie Leone

The Suffolk University Law School Rugby Football Club is an organization founded upon the principles of loyalty, courage and service to others. The club is more than a team; we are a community of aspiring young professionals, diverse in our make-up, yet unified in purpose: to honorably represent Suffolk University Law School through competitive rugby while networking with students, alumni and professionals. The club’s active alumni bring a wealth of experience and networking opportunities to club members.

Suffolk Law Secular Legal Society

President: Ramon Livingston

Suffolk Law Ski Club

President: Matthew Rosencranz

The organization exists to facilitate ski trips and to create a forum for fellow ski bums to share resources and get out more often.

Suffolk Law Softball

President: Kylie Germann

The Suffolk University Law School Softball Club brings together both experienced players and those that just want to have fun on the diamond to play slow-pitch softball! The team participates in the Battle of Boston with Boston area law schools every fall, and travels to the University of Virginia in the spring to play in the UVA Law Invitational to raise money for local Virginia charities. Great networking, exercise, and of course just all around fun!

Suffolk Law Real Trust & Estate/Real Estate Association

President: Angel Rivera

Suffolk Public Interest Law Group
President: Ashley Russo
The Suffolk Public Interest Law Group (SPILG) is a student run non-profit organization dedicated to promoting public interest law and assisting students in pursuing opportunities in that field.
Primarily, SPILG raises money for fellowships awarded to students to work in non-profit institutions and government agencies across the country, and at least one internationally. The purpose of the Fellowship Program is to support Suffolk University Law students who are interested in public service, while providing an invaluable service to government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Students who apply and are awarded a SPILG Fellowship gain valuable public interest experience while being compensated for their work. Without SPILG the students would otherwise go unpaid.
Women of Color Law Student Association

Co-President: Chandra Ulinfun

Co-President: Elizabeth Henderson

This club serves as a space for individuals and the community to engage in critical discussions on critical race theory and address issues including the ways law shapes and is shaped by “race/gender relations” across the social plane and the spaces in which women of color law students find themselves situated in this legal institution. We aim to bring together law students to address inherent institutional limitations on women of color lawyers in order to build awareness, knowledge, support, and confidence to be able to effectively address these situations in our experiences within the legal field. We welcome all who support the mission of the organization.

Contact email:

Women's Law Student Association
President: Svana Calabro
WLA at Suffolk University Law School is a student organization for all women students at Suffolk Law. You don’t need to sign up, if you are a woman at Suffolk Law, you’re already a member.
Please check back during the school year for updates and info on new events! To join WLA’s facebook group, just send a request and we will add you to the online membership. We offer great mentoring, support services, and lecture series throughout the year that target the personal and professional issues pertaining to today’s woman lawyer. WLA also provides professional networking opportunities.
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